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Gospel Messengers Church Covid19 Media response.

on 20th march 2020. All religious gatherings were banned in Uganda as a measure to prevent the fast spread of Covid19 in Uganda.

This meant that the congregation was no longer able to assemble in church for the usual services. Given that the Ministry does not have a television or radio station, this paused a major challenge with regards to how the regular members of the church were to keep receiving spiritual nourishment from their Pastors.

Thankfully, some sort of online media presence (I.e Facebook, YouTube, Whatsapp, Website) had been started and the church leadership decided to make these the main platform of engaging the congregation.

A team of media savvy guys from the congregation was assembled to take on the task of recording sermons and posting the on the various online platforms where they can be accessed by anyone.

The team has been doing a decent job since then, posting videos, of all the weekly sermons on Facebook mostly since that is were most views and reactions are observed. videos are also posted to Youtube.

A Whats app group of the church with over 200 participants is used for daily instant conversations.

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