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Gospel Messengers Church Voluntary bridge construction .

Last weekend (7th March 2020) a female member of the church testified that on her way from an evening church service, she had survived falling in a water canal whose bridge got washed away near her home.


The local residents had called on their leaders to put up a new bridge for a long while but they had been unable to get started on the task for one reason or another.

When the Senior pastor of Gospel Messengers Church heard this testimony, he was touched by compassion and announced that on the next Saturday, the church members were to come together to voluntarily help put up a bridge on the water canal to prevent more people falling in it.

So today morning (14th March 2020), the church members including the Leadership moved together and met with the local leaders and other residents to actually build the bridge.

A temporary bridge was successfully made and all the nearby community members that use the water canal were very grateful to the Gospel messengers Church for coming to their rescue and some of them promised to attend the Sunday service at the Church as a sign of appreciation.

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